Healing Stories and Testimonials

It is both my pleasure and honor to support my brother, Chief Black Horse, in this way. Over the many years we have been kin, Blackhorse has held and shared his Medicine in healthy, healing ways. His honor and devotion to the Ancestors is unblemished as is his integrity to their ways and means. Thank you Blackhorse for your dedication, devotion, and intelligence in bringing voice into our worlds and balance in this time of times.
Willow T.
Tewa & Hopi Wisdom Keeper
Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa helped me to live in greater integrity and learn the power of my word. He brought great challenges into my life that helped me to grow and become more discerning about what direction I follow and why. I learned how to take on more responsibility and keep showing up. I learned the power of commitment, and I healed in many ways. I learned many things that have changed - and will continue to change - my life. For this, I am grateful.
Ryan H.
Meditation Teacher
Chief Phillip Scott is an incredibly generous and supportive relative and elder to my family. He shows up unwavering and in deep reverence and honor in all spaces he both holds and attends. His embodied practice and respect for Indigenous wisdom has directly affected my life and the lives of my children and husband for the better. His attention to detail, the eloquence in which he speaks, and the way he shares vulnerably and openly about his greatest life lessons and teachers, are just a few of his qualities that make him a great leader and teacher. He always pays homage where it is due, honoring the lineages in which he was born, as well as adopted into. He is a well of knowledge. Every time i’m in his presence, I open up even deeper into what it means to embody the values that we believe in, and that he upholds. Chief Phillip is like a grandpa to my children and family to my partner and I. His multifaceted way of being allows us to exist in many different forms of relationship— and for that we are immensely grateful!
Demitra C.
Are you looking to become a certified “shaman” by watching 50 hours of pre recorded lectures and paying an exorbitant sum of money? Then Ancestral Voice is not for you. Do you want to attend a Ceremony inebriated, and/or high on substances without appropriate clothing? This is not the place for you. Do you prefer to handle tough conversations through social media without ever talking face to face nor taking responsibility for your own actions? This is definitely not the place for you. If you are ready to own up to and work through your own issues, without shaming or blaming anyone else; take responsibility for the role you have played to get yourself where you are today; have compassion for and love yourself and those around you despite all of your weakness, temptations and short-comings; become more resilient; laugh a little and cry a lot, then my friend you have found a teacher who will stand by your side through all of your shit. He respects and teaches traditional protocols (which I appreciate) in a time where so many ceremonies are diluted, capitalistic, hybridized, intoxicated versions of Indigenous lifeways. He is a tough love kind of teacher who will be straightforward and direct. It may not be an easy ride, but I am a better and stronger person because of my time working with Chief Phillip.
Dr. Michelle M.
Pharm D, RYT; Traditional Yogini
I was introduced to Chief Phillip in 2013. In 2022, I decided to enrich my life and become a student. Since then, I have learned that when we purposefully take care of our body, mind, heart and spirit we take care of each other and the Earth as well. In addition, learning and excavating has brought positive changes within me and those around me. This experience is not for the faint of heart. With Chief Phillip, I have found that maturity, humility and communication are key. He has a unique ability to introduce Ancient Ceremonies, Traditions, Healing modalities and Songs to the modern world. His reverence for our Ancestors leads the Chief to adhere strictly to Tradition, and he provides corrections with kindness, when needed. There is Ancient technology at play, and adherence to protocol is essential. I have discovered a palpable connection to Mother Earth, and this is directly related to the work that I am doing with him on the Path. Chief Phillip stays dedicated to the Sacred Traditions, and this dedication is grounding to individuals and communities. While grounding is vital, so is connection to the ethereal. Spirit is subtle yet loud if you listen and open your heart, and Spirit is undeniably present in the Ceremonies and Teachings with him. There is so much “noise” in the world, and he is able to bring a person closer to the quiet, true essence of what it is to be human. This is felt in a subtle yet potent way. He has also shown up for me during unexpected difficult times involving sudden deaths of my loved ones. The Chief was quick to offer gentle comfort, demonstrating expertise in supporting grief with kindness and compassion. Indeed, he offered loving guidance with no expectation of recognition or reward. If you are looking to connect with your humanness, community, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ancestors, then reach out to Chief Phillip and Ancestral Voice with a willingness to listen, participate, learn and grow. I hope to see you around.
Heather S.
I met Chief Phillip when he visited St. Louis in the Spring of 2006. At the time, I had no Spiritual grounding. I came from an intense corporate environment. I had no idea what I was getting into. The Spiritual practice I have since learned and developed with his guidance is an essential part of my life. Even when his schedule is full, the Chief goes the extra mile - there was a time he found his way to my ICU bedside for a visit, drum in hand, a roundtrip of 160-miles. Phillip undertook the same trip a few years later to visit my husband in the hospital, bearing a gift to keep him warm. After 17 years, I still Lodge and participate in Ceremonies with the Chief and our community and meet with him for Teachings. I am grateful that he is a part of my life.
Nan K.
Retired Attorney
Chief Phillip holds a deep dedication to teaching Traditional Indigenous Spirituality in modern western culture without compromising its core values and practices. He does not just teach the Spiritual Path, he lives it fully. He teaches and models commitment, discipline, and integrity. He also holds a strong lineage and powerful Ceremonial space. I recommend working with Chief Phillip to anyone who is ready to truly give their lives to the Spiritual Path for the benefit of all living beings.
Autumn T.
Assistant Director - Monastic Academy
Chief Phillip is not for the faint of heart… in the best way possible. If you want someone to treat you like you are capable of everything you say you want to do, not sugar coat what it'll take to get there, and then be with you every step of the way, then he is for you. In the last nine months of working with the Chief, I have met my Animal Allies, my Benefactor and my Ancestors. I have come to understand that I am never alone, that I am always supported and always capable of supporting others. I have felt myself mature from a child, waiting for someone else to say I was ready and give me a gold star, to an adult, owning my strengths and weaknesses without ego or shame… just clear eyes and a dedicated heart. I have finally accepted my responsibility to do something of service with my life. And it’s not paralyzing like I thought it would be. It’s incredibly enlivening and fulfilling. I don’t have time for my own nonsense! There’s a big beautiful world out there waiting for me to see it, dance with it, love it, fight for it. Thank you so much for this, Chief, I am beyond grateful. Wõphila Thãnka (great thanks)!
Leona W.
Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa helped me to live in greater integrity and learn the power of my word. He challenged me to grow and become more discerning about what direction I follow in my life and why. I learned how to take on more responsibility and keep showing up. I learned the power of commitment, and I healed in many ways. I learned many things that have changed - and will continue to change - my life. For this, I am grateful.
Ryan H.
Meditation teacher
On this Ceremonial day of the father, you came to mind. I believe countless life forms on this planet and beyond are deeply blessed by your profound Spirit, your immense wisdom, and the powerful and transformative gifts and energy that you share with the world. Thank you for being a Father to your communities and to humanity as a whole.
Amanda G.
I am so grateful for you being a teacher, for your genius, wisdom and guidance. You have always been very kind and generous with me. Thank you for your profound living of integrity and teaching the way.
"I attended a lodge today. I went with few expectations but plenty of knowledge about the "specifics" of what would occur. My two sons had been attending lodges fairly regularly for the past 2 years and I had questioned them about their experiences. I was interested and curious and a little skeptical. Knowing specifics and having the experience are vastly different! I had been planning to join my boys several times over the last 6 months but there was always an obstacle in my way. Today there were no obstacles. When we arrived, we were greeted warmly and with generosity. The chief was loving, kind and compassionate. He was already aware that I was grieving for my mother who had passed away one week ago. He gave me the space to share my story, he gave me the space to heal my family, he gave me the portal to be able to speak to my mother. Sitting in the lodge was the hardest thing I have ever done. There were moments that I wasn't sure I could stay in, but I did. I never felt scared or unsafe, only unsure of whether I would be strong enough to continue. I stayed in and had the most intense and powerful experience of my life, for which I am eternally grateful."
Robyn Roberts
Social Services
In March of 2010, I received a series of Doctoring Lodges from Chief Black Horse to address and heal my hearing loss to discover the cause, issues, lessons and blessings that come with, and to free myself from, this disability. It took time to prepare -which is the way of this path- something one learns with the Chief. His teachings adhere to, and are deeply respectful of, the traditional ways. I always experience Chief Black Horse's ceremonies as beautiful. I feel safe. I can so easily feel the love of the Mother Earth and Father Sky within the Inipi, I can feel the spirits of his altar. Chief has a beautiful way of conducting the Purification Lodge with song, drum and medicines from Mother Earth; and with beautiful words that cut straight to the heart. My Doctoring Lodge Ceremony involved an intense death of old stories, patterns and beliefs that centered around my loss of hearing. Through being doctored by Chief Black Horse and the spirits, and being in constant prayer for four days, I found deep forgiveness, and much of my hearing returned to me. In fact, on the third night of the Doctoring, the spirits took one of my hearing aids -it just disappeared. On the last night of my Doctoring Lodge, I stood silent, hearing the Chief instruct the Fire Keepers, and I was not wearing my hearing aids at all. Tears fell down my checks in gratitude toward the Creator, and the service of Chief Black Horse. With my hearing came belief in the Creator, and this has strengthened me- within my heart and whole being, and, has helped me feel an ease with life. My overall hearing continues to heal, and the medicine of these Lodges continue to work with timing and grace. I cannot thank Chief Black Horse enough, for the enormity of the learning I have received and the medicine and blessings that have come to me. I express both my love and deep gratitude to him. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.
Sally W.
University Professor
I met Phillip Scott just after I finished treatment for breast cancer, through a weekly sacred circle, a Sacred Hoops class that he taught at my oncologist’s office. I knew nothing about spiritual healing at the time and nothing about Native traditions. My case had involved three separate tumors, with extensive vascular and lymphatic invasion. After a full year of chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries, my doctors had done all that western medicine could offer with no guarantee that it would help. In attending Phillip’s class, I was focused on physical healing – the only marker of health I understood. Without fully understanding the purpose, I followed Phillip’s instructions and made an altar and began, awkwardly, to pray. In the first two class meetings we went on shamanic journeys and met spirit guides, and this was a foreign concept for me. I had an individual meeting with Phillip and during it he performed a soul retrieval. I liked the concept that I was regaining a part of myself, but I still wondered if anything had actually happened. Then, three days after the soul retrieval I woke in the middle of the night. Information about my life – issues I had struggled with; forks in the road that I had taken – I suddenly saw with clarity. Over the next few weeks, magical things happened, as if I was being shown glimpses of another world. I fell so deeply and passionately in love with every living thing, I didn’t think about cancer. Instead, I took a workshop Phillip gave on fearlessness. In the months that followed, I let go of a lifetime terror of snakes; I also bungee jumped off a bridge. During this time many patients I had met in treatment were struggling with post-treatment depression, insomnia, low blood counts, and frequent colds and flu, while I felt increasingly more balanced. I encouraged my friends to come to ceremony, but they were not always open to it. That winter Phillip’s wife died suddenly. This was a time of real sadness and a time when I learned about prayer. I stopped thinking about myself and about words and just talked as if God were sitting next to me and I was asking how to make sense of the world. Many people I loved died that year. I was beginning to learn about nature for the first time even though I was forty-one years old – I began to see the cycles of life in a tree or an early spring butterfly. Still a bit underweight and frail, I would crawl into the purification lodges Phillip led and listen to the songs and prayers in the dark. My physicians were uncertain as to whether I should be in such heat, but I found my strength there. In one of the first lodges I attended I silently questioned whether “there are really any spirits around.” A few seconds later they appeared in vivid form. I never discounted the lodge again. Ten months after I had finished chemotherapy and radiation, Phillip put me on Vision Quest for four days in Chico, California. By then I had become one of his students in the Indigenous Lifeways Program, and I was attending workshops and ceremony regularly. Despite the possibility of recurrence and the deaths of fellow patients I had loved and known, I felt an inner peace. During this time I had started a business; I was involved with family and friends. My oncologist asked me to teach a class for other patients about re-inventing oneself after cancer, and since then I have given several different classes for other cancer organizations. When I first met Phillip – in the first Sacred Hoops class I attended – he instructed us to sing every day, dance every day, pray every day, and meditate every day. I continue to do this. I have now been in remission for over five years. Someday I will die, but I will go having learned to listen to the rain and the wind and the bird, and the silence. I am grateful that my oncologist helped me find a spiritual doctor in Phillip Scott, and grateful that Phillip continues to help me find a connection to the Mystery that is greater than mere survival. This is my story.
Lynn S.
Image Consulant
I have walked through life waiting for time to pass, going through the motions. Fear has ruled my life and my circle of comfort got smaller and smaller day after day. I was scared of everything. Meeting Phillip was nothing like what I was expecting. I figured that I would stroll in, hop on a couch, and talk about my childhood. Not quite. It was a ceremony. It was spiritual. It was meditation and it was enlightening. But don’t get me wrong, I was terrified (remember I was scared of everything, why should this be different?). The experience was so out of the box that it forced me to take the first step out of the routine I had neatly packed for myself. Each time he pushed me closer and closer to being free of fear. Through a really non-traditional approach he addressed the foundations of my fears and took the necessary steps to bring them to light. He constantly surprised me and threw me off guard only to show me that there was nothing to fear from things I can’t control. As I’m writing this remembering what it was like the first time I went to Phillip. I am totally amazed at how my world has changed. Everyday seems to get better. Now I have the tools to deal with my fear and any other emotions that come up. I don’t view the world as oppressive, dark, ominous place full of danger like I used to. Everything seems much more open, like there’s more opportunity, and things are more alive. My world is brighter, literally.
David N.
Commercial Realtor
You are truly doing your part. Your honesty and sincerity serve as a model to your students and clients. The path of this – beginning transition from duality onto Oneness lifetime – is certainly a big one. So much fear to sift through. To be courageous enough to experience, name and heal. I appreciate what you are doing for all the Ones who read your words and for the part you are healing from the Human Soul.
Ann F.
T hank you for the help and healing you gave me. I'm used to fasting about 6-7 weeks prior to Christmas and Easter but this past Xmas I couldn't manage it. So after you contacted [me] regarding a 4-day fast for the winter solstice, I said to myself that I should do at least this much. Consciously I started the fast on Dec. 17Th by going without my usual Espresso in the morning. It's been my morning habit since I was eighteen, when my mom told me that it would be quite helpful, as my blood pressure has always been below the lower limit. Soon it became my habit. I remain convinced that I couldn't function at my potential having “such a low B.P.” without the crutch of a good, natural cup of coffee to start each day. Also, in my stressful days, if I didn't have another cup in the late afternoon, I could end up with my tasks unaccomplished because of tiredness. My headache went away right after we talked on the phone and has stayed away. Actually, I have not experienced any of the withdrawal symptoms (such as sleepiness, mood swings, tiredness etc.) I used to experience when trying to quit ten years ago. I think that going for a month without my morning fix has been long enough to consider this as my first resolution fulfilled for 2013.
Carmen I., M.D.
Amidst preparations for Ceremonies with Chief Phillip, who was soon to arrive in Germany, I had a screening of my thyroid. After a few days, I got the diagnosis: thyroid-cancer. I was really shocked and in despair, because in my family story, several members have died of cancer. My physicians urged me to have surgery very soon. They wanted to take out the thyroid completely as well as the lymph nodes. When I talked with the Chief about this, he advised me to receive a Healing first. A Purification Lodge and Naming Ceremony were also planned for me. All of these can change the outcome, he said. So I moved the date of the surgery. I participated in the Fearlessness Intensive and my fear of the surgery really diminished. After the Healing session, my throat looked better and I also felt, that something had changed. In the Purification Lodge, I sensed and felt the Spirits doctoring me. And with my new Ceremonial name, I received a strength and a deep trust that I will survive and will get the opportunitiy to live my new life. The day of the surgery, I was really calm and not afraid, I felt the Spirits around me. After the surgery, the physicians told me that they only removed one side of the thyroid because they injured my vocal chords. They will remove the other side and the lymph nodes later in another surgery. For about 10 weeks, I was not able to speak and had problems to breathe. Soon after a Skype-Session with the Chief, my vocal chords completely healed � my speech therapist was astonished. Usually such an injury takes at least a year to heal. Meanwhile, the result of the histology arrived: No malignity! No physician could understand what had happened. Also my blood-markers of the cancer were normal. On the next European visit of the Chief, I participated in a Healing Lodge. In this Lodge I felt that the cancer was pulled out of my body and I was filled with faith. In the next screening of my thyroid, the physician found a normal thyroid with only a very small residue of a nodule. The tumor-markers were good and there was no reason for another surgery. I am so grateful for this miracle. I express my deepest gratitude to the Great One, the Spirits and to the Chief. Thank you so much for your support, your guidance, your love and compassion. You changed my life.
Baerbel M.
Chief, I wanted to write you to say, thank you, again, for today's lodge. It was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. Every word you spoke was a blessing rain speaking truth like arrows to my heart. I was broken open, washed clean, UPLIFTED, and I feel truly REBORN! Like I have never felt in my life. Thank you for the space you hold. Thank you for the tradition you cherish so carefully. Thank you for being a channel of the divine for so many, and blessing my life and my brother's with your work. You have helped me heal deeply today and be reborn, with your words and the space you hold for Spirit and community. Thank you, Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa, for all that you are. I have endless gratitude for you.
Joseph E