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Celebrating Over 25 Years of Service in the Bay Area and Beyond!
      Phillip's Reflections  
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Ancestral Voice is a preeminent center of healing and learning devoted to the preservation, application and respectful dissemination of traditional Indigenous and shamanic lifeways.

Employing Native wisdom and practices, seekers learn, discover and cultivate ways to live Intentfully, with Awareness, Passion and Freedom in order to be of Service.


Of mixed Ancestry, Phillip has walked the Native Path for over thirty years, learning from and sanctioned by traditional Medicine/Holy people, tribal Spiritual leaders, shamans and elders from several Indigenous cultures.

Annually Sundancing in the Lakota tradition for over two decades, he is a Ceremonial leader entrusted to share Indigenous wisdom and traditional healing practices with the contemporary world.
Interviewed both nationally and internationally on radio, television and for newspapers, his life and experience have been featured in journals and books.

In addition to directing and teaching the programs at the Institute in Northern California, which he founded in 1994 (and recently celebrated its 20th year anniversary), he maintains a private healing practice, performs Ceremonies, lectures, conducts intensives and leads pilgrimages worldwide.

To obtain further information, register, schedule an appointment or to arrange intensives, Ceremonies and presentations in your area, please contact ANCESTRAL VOICE at (415) 897-7991 or E-mail us at:

Phillip Scott
Tsunka Wakan Sapa

Testimonials & Healing Stories
Testimonials & Healing Stories

You may obtain more insight about Phillip and Ancestral Voice by heading over to the Testimonials and Healing Stories page, as well as tapping into interviews and articles.

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