Reflections:   Oct 2017.    4th Qtr 2017

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Autumn Salutations Relations,

Praying this finds you and your families well, enjoying the cooling temperatures and the colorful change of seasons.

Below is the schedule for the final quarter of 2017. I bring your attention to the following:

October 6th and 7th, I will be leading a Drum Circle followed by teaching a course on Awakened Warriorship, Sacred Activism and Social Justice at the East /West Bookshop in Mountain View, CA.

Our Autumn Hanbleceya is in less than two weeks- if not directly participating yourself, I kindly request that you eat, drink and sleep for the Questers from the morning of the 17th to the evening of the 20th. Prayers for them and the supporters are always appreciated as well.

November finds me back in Europe (Switzerland & Germany) teaching and conducting Ceremony then immediately onto Orlando, FL for the Zen Awakening Festival.

I bring your attention to the first weekend in December (2nd & 3rd). We will be offering The Road to Fearlessness intensive - considering our circumstances, a timely immersion in the liberation of our fears.

Ancestral Voice is currently accepting students for the various Moon Cycle options in the Indigenous Lifeways Program. If compelled to learn deeper ways to listen and commune with the Source, Earth and Ancestors as well as to excavate and heal yourself utilizing ancient practices, then this is your opportunity. These are precisely the times for which we have been waiting to hone the blade of our awareness..

Finally, I express an urgent appeal for Prayers and support to the people of Boriken (Puerto Rico) - they are in serious need of assistance.

Blessings...keep the Faith,
Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa (Black Horse)

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