Reflections:   Oct 2016.    4th Qtr 2016

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Approaching Autumnal Equinox Salutations Relations,

Praying this finds you and your families in health, peace and balance as we near the seasonal threshold.

The schedule for the remainder of the year is being posted on the website calendar.

Early October finds me back in St. Louis conducting Ceremonies and mid month is our biannual Hanbleceya (Traditional Vision Quest) in the Sierras. Please eat, drink and sleep for the Questers who will be fasting from these nourishments for four days and nights.

The theme for Dance Macabre (Samhain, October 31) this year is to be someone (actual, fictional or imaginary) or something that causes you and others to smile and laugh. Assume the character in garb/makeup/persona all day and night. Observe your feelings and how others respond. Those of you who reside locally are invited to gather in the evening at the Institute to dance & celebrate this time when the veil between the worlds is palpably thin.

The majority of November I will be on a European tour, teaching, conducting Ceremony and healings in various cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Late November and for the remainder of December I return to the Institute for Ceremonies and offering sessions close to home and to teach an intensive on Indigenous Healing. Please contact me at the Institute for further information and to register or to schedule a session.

Prayers, Blessings & Toksa (see you),
Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa (Black Horse)

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