Reflections:   Aug 2015.    3rd Qtr 2015

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Summer Greetings Relatives,

Praying you and your families are in health, peace and balance - relishing the light of the sun.

Embarking upon my 52nd year on this glorious planet, I commence this transmission by expressing my profound gratitude for your presence, love and support in my life. I am grateful to family and friends who spent the weekend of July 18th in celebration with me as well as to those of you who extended birthday salutations via phone, e-mail and text on that date. It was nurturing, meaningful and deeply touched my heart.

Upon my return in mid June from a particularly powerful and extremely healing Sundance in Lampasas, Texas, I was invited to serve as the Bay Area representative for The Indigenous Peoples United Nations (IPUN), an organization whose intention is to provide a platform for Native Nations throughout the globe to have a stronger voice and more visible presence within the United Nations. After leading a Ceremonial march from the Martin Luther King Jr. fountains to the city hall in San Francisco, I attended an address by the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, in observance of the 70th year anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. After his presentation, delegates of the IPUN signed their own charter at the podium. This was followed by an interview at a local radio station where I was granted the time to read the charter in its entirety. The next day, at Grace Cathedral, I attended another function in commemoration of the UN's anniversary and connected with various UN representatives interested in the mission and charter of the IPUN. Appears promising....

Early July, I returned to Big Mountain on the Diné Rez in Arizona to conduct a Hanbleceya (Traditional Vision Quest). The Ceremony flowed smoothly and without complication. The weather was ideal, the supporters superlative and the Quester, Blessed with Visions, Instruction and strong Medicine from the Ancestors and the Spirits of the land.

Back in California, in addition to integrating the Medicine from the High Ceremonies of the Sundance and Hanbleceya this year, as previously mentioned, friends and family gathered to honour my birth on the weekend of the 18t -- truly moving and memorable experiences.

As for the remainder of the quarter - a Shamanic Healing intensive is scheduled on the 15 & 16th of August in Novato and the latter half of that month will find me back on the island of Boriken (Puerto Rico), conducting Ceremony, teaching and performing healings. Returning to Novato, I am delighted to report the potent weeklong intensive, The Four Elements, will be offered again in mid September (the 14th through the 19th) at the institute followed by a European Ceremonial, teaching and healing tour. Feel free to contact the Institute for information on our Moon Cycle Programs, to participate in the intensives or accompany us on the pilgrimages.

Here's to the second half of the adventure upon the Earth...

Blessings & Gratitude,
Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa (Black Horse)

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