Reflections:   Apr 2015.    2nd Qtr 2015

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Spring Salutations Relations,

I commence this quarterly reflection with an urgent appeal for prayers and a call to pragmatic action. The prayers are not for myself. Rather, they are for our relations and for all of us. California is experiencing a drought of monumental proportions that is currently in its fourth devastating year. What is transpiring in this state is a reflection of an escalating global crisis. Only one percent of the world’s water is fresh and potable. Nearly seventy percent of this tiny fraction is frozen in glaciers, leaving even less available for all terrestrial, aerial and aquatic species who rely upon this element for survival (in other words, virtually every being on the planet). Water is a sentient, living entity and elder. We are alive because she is alive. She is Medicine. In fact, the every first Medicine we encounter upon taking human form. Considering the direness of the situation, it is incumbent upon all human beings to respect, protect and conserve this precious resource. To this end, regardless of the geographic region where you reside, become intimately aware of your consumption and radically minimize the ways in which you personally squander this vital, life-granting element. Our very survival, and for the generations of all of our relations that follow, will depend upon the actions we implement now. After all, there is only one water cycle and supply. In addition to proactive conservation, praying to the Wakiyan Oyate (the Thunder Nations) to Bless the drought stricken areas of the world with water is also deeply appreciated and necessary.

Regarding recent developments, I draw your attention to the logo, which adorns the top of the attached document. I express gratitude to Quan of Quan Yin Productions (the graphic artist who originally rendered my Vision of the logo long ago) for amending it to reflect our expansion and growth earlier this year from a Center to an Institute. It will soon be added to the home page of the website as well.

Great news! The entries I was invited to submit for two books ­ one on shamanic initiation and the other, some personal anecdotes regarding a Medicine man ­ are in the final production stages and will most likely be published in the spring of next year and later this autumn, respectively.

The remainder of the quarter is rich with travel, teaching and Ceremony. This month (April), I soon depart for Ben Lomond, California to immerse future physicians in Indigenous healing and wisdom as well as to introduce them to the concept and practice of collaborative Medicine. Then onto Sedona, Arizona for the Eagle Quetzal Condor conference where Indigenous Medicine people, Spiritual leaders, Wisdomkeepers and elders from around the globe will gather to Talk Story, share prophesy and Ceremony together. Near the end of the month, I return to the Tiospaye in St. Louis to conduct Ceremonies and perform healings. Early May finds me in Southern California interceding for a special Ceremony then back in the Bay Area to prepare for the approaching Lampasas, TX Sundance in early to mid June. Naturally, there are many local Ceremonies and gatherings (as well as a Soul Retrieval intensive) peppered in between my adventures so please consult the calendar for specifics.

The Indigenous Lifeways Program continues to attract sincere seekers throughout the world with many Moon Cycle options available for immersion and study so if interested in deep healing and transformation, you are welcome to contact us ­ with a rolling admission plan, the timing is always impeccable. Additionally, if the urgency of the times in which we live is inspiring you to undertake a Hanbleceya (Traditional Vision Quest), there is one scheduled for late October of this year. There are purification and considerable preparations involved to participate in this Sacred Ceremony so please contact the Institute immediately to embark on the journey.

Copious Blessings, Prayers for Rain and Respect for the Sacred Waters of Life,
Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa (Black Horse)

Last updated Apr 13, 2015