Reflections:   Feb 2015.    1st Qtr 2015

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New Year Salutations Relations,

Blessings to you and your families in the Winter season of Dreaming.

Being the Center's 20th anniversary last year, admittedly 2014 was tumultuous, characterized by great extremes. There were crests; the celebration in August of Ancestral Voice's two decades of service in the Bay Area (and beyond), being invited in October as a keynote speaker for the World Congress of Holistic Medicine in Munich and the Bridging the Divide Ceremony for the beleaguered people of St. Louis (Ferguson) in December - as well as troughs; the loss of beloved friends and family throughout the year and the flood in September of my next door neighbor's home, the water of which also flowed into mine, directly impacting the Center and myself (and, as a result of the reconstruction, for three months thereafter)…ultimately, a continual reminder of the delicate dance and balance of birth and death, life and loss.

In the previous quarterly newsletter, I intimated there were changes in the wind. Ancestral Voice is evolving. There are affiliate communities in St. Louis and Boriken (Puerto Rico), who faithfully gather, practice and remain connected to the teachings that are imparted. In recognition of these satellites and strongholds, the Spirits have directed the name to be amended to reflect this expansion. Ancestral Voice is no longer merely one Center – now, we are an Institute! I am delighted and proud to announce we have become…


The process to transform the logo, website and other means of media is slowly underway – stay tuned as these subtle transitions manifest.

Ancestral Voice is commencing another cycle of initiations. Tracking the changes in this modern world and the consequent challenges many individuals encounter in making commitments of any duration in this day and age, besides the customary 9, 13, 26 and 52 Moon Cycle programs (for those dedicated and devoted to the practices), we are offering both 4 and 7 week as well as 4 and 7 month immersions for those who are interested in a concentrated introduction yet, due to circumstance or inclination, are unable to engage for a longer span of time. Feel free to contact Ancestral Voice for further information and specifics.

Regardless of the time of year, I neither believe in nor encourage making resolutions. Though well meaning, most individuals do not follow through with their plans and ambitions. The tendency in humans is to be rather cavalier with words and commitments. Consequently, there is a lack of energy to back up declarations with action and eventually such people renege on their promises to themselves and others. This breach of integrity causes considerable harm to their person (thereby depleting even greater energy) as well as to their relationships for it engenders distrust in the eyes of others. The antidote is simply to act, to utilize intent (focused energy in motion) and cultivate an abiding, uncompromising discipline - which for the awakened warrior, is pure passion and unbridled energy, an intrinsic impulse and drive to follow through with one's word and thereby realize one's Dreams, not simply for the benefit and Blessing of one's self but for all beings.

Prayers for Inspired Dreams & Actions,
Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa (Black Horse)

Last updated Feb 05, 2015