Reflections:   Oct 2014.    4th Qtr 2014

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Autumn Salutations Relations,

The initial rains have arrived to the Bay area, heralding that the season of flow and transformation is upon us.

The Center is receiving an unexpected facelift. While en route back to California after a magical week of sharing Medicine Wheel teachings in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico during the Equinox (completely off the grid), I retrieved my messages and was informed that my next-door neighbor's upstairs toilet overflowed throughout the night, creating a serious flood in her home. She awoke to the sound of her dogs barking in the early morning, alerting that the ceiling was crashing down into her lower level.

My landlady was immediately notified and raced over to move everything from the wall shared in common to protect my effects and to allow workers access to the saturated carpeting in order to begin the process of drying and to remove the damaged dry wall.

I returned to find my home in absolute disarray - belongings strewn and piled everywhere. Space restricted. Construction people marching about. The repair will require weeks, perhaps months.

Firstly, I am requesting prayers for all parties involved (particularly my neighbors whose losses are substantial and are currently displaced). Secondly, rest assured Ancestral Voice proceeds undaunted (such catastrophes engender flexibility and adaptability)– I am meeting with local students and clients either in Nature (Miwok park is conveniently nearby) or via phone/Skype and both evening ceremonies and weekend intensives usually scheduled at the Center are being graciously hosted in other homes for the time being.

Besides the unplanned cosmetic changes at the Center, some deliberate internal movements are underway - courses in Primitive technology/survival skills are being Dreamed and developed and, in addition to the various Moon cycle options of the Indigenous Lifeways Program (our flagship at the Center, which is commencing another cycle of initiations), four and seven week immersions will also be offered next year.

Its official - Ancestral Voice has a Facebook page! Though there is little content as of yet, please like us in order for the conversation and momentum to build. Furthermore, I am requesting testimonials not only for the Facebook page but for the website as well – if you have received benefit and healing from the Spirits by participating in any of the Ceremonies Ancestral Voice offers and/or in session with myself, I would be honoured for you to share your story with us (and the world).

Wopila Tanka (great thanks) in advance for your Prayers, continued support and assistance.

Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa (Black Horse)

Last updated Oct 23, 2014