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Spring Salutations Relations,

Late February being the month my Beloved wife Cecilia journeyed to the Spirit world fifteen years ago (oft times it feels as though it were yesterday), since she was instrumental in assisting to bring the Center to fruition - including midwifing the birth of our name, maintaining its administrative operations (she literally had the Midas touch, whatever project to which she devoted herself would swiftly flourish) and walking the Path with me step for Sacred ceremonial step - in honour and memory of her and the 20th anniversary of our child (so to speak), Ancestral Voice, I am inspired to share the story of our initial meeting and the sheer magic of our instantaneous recognition.

Having resided in Europe for many years, I returned to the States over two decades ago and resettled in the San Francisco Bay Area. In order to familiarize myself with the key practitioners in the area as well as to, with the Blessings and sanction of my root Medicine Teacher, establish myself as a ceremonialist and teacher in my own right, I attended many a conference and gathering. At one such event in my own neighborhood, I encountered a woman who invited me to conduct an intensive in her home. A week before the scheduled date, she contacted me to inquire if it would be possible for her new roommate to join. Serving an open Altar, I assured her everyone was welcome to participate.

It was a crisp, cool February morning twenty years ago. The sky was clear turquoise blue, not a cloud in sight. With Drum in one hand and Medicine Bag in the other, I walked the cheery, grass-lined sidewalk to the door of the sponsor's home and rang the bell. As the carved wooden door opened, a beautiful, spritely woman of color dressed in white with mesmerizing eyes and a radiant smile stood before me. I was literally speechless - it was her! Years earlier I had Dreamt of the place to where I journey Home upon my death. I found myself in a Tipi sitting before the Chief of my Ancestors in the Spirit world. Though he welcomed me, he was swift to inform it was not yet time for me to return to my people in the Happy Hunting and Fishing Grounds. After assuring him I was merely visiting, I inquired as to all of the commotion occurring outside his dwelling. "On account of your marriage, of course!", he replied. "To whom?", I asked curiously. "Look outside the door.", he instructed. Lifting the flap, I peered out to behold a gorgeous Indigenous woman clad in white Buckskin with long fringe being surrounded and doted upon by other women in preparation for a nuptial. I awoke startled, surprised and exhilarated by the Dream. Years later, here she was, standing before me in the flesh. All I was able to utter from my lips at the threshold of the doorway was a feeble "I...I...I'm here", to which she sweetly responded, with a knowing twinkle in her eye, "yes, you are". It turns out a couple of weeks prior to my scheduled arrival, she had a Dream (she was an impeccable Dreamer, herself) in which she heard a voice who declared, "I will take care of you for the rest of your life". From my brief utterance, she recognized my voice. Comfortable with each other from the start, we became fast, inseparable and the closest of friends. After forging an enduring and inviolable alliance and partnership, with Spirit's directive, we fulfilled our shared Dream of marriage. We Dreamt together throughout our relationship, which continues with her periodic visitations to this very day. I look forward to resuming our adventure in the next Dream and form upon my return Home.

We fondly referred to our initial encounter this time as Love at first sight and sound.

Forget not that such connection is possible – Dreams and Visions are a reality.

Chief Tsunka Wakan Sapa (Black Horse)

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