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Equinox Salutations Relatives,

Enough rhetoric. The pithy phrase of my late father rings true and through my ears: "talk is cheap". Indeed - this is precisely why awakened warriors are characterized and defined by their actions. I am not particularly fond of New Years' resolutions for the following reason: People boldly announce the initiation of a worthy project or ambitious mission, commence with great zeal only to abandon the undertaking shortly thereafter on account of distractions or other myriad justifications. Fact is they do not have the energy to back up their intentions. Even the indigenous elders with whom I have associated for years are sparing with their words and rarely repeat themselves. They simply act.

Time to place our actions and energies where our mouths are for, as the mounting tragedies in Japan and Thailand and the escalating violence throughout the globe attest, our relations are suffering and require immediate assistance and support. And lip service is not service at all. Case in point - during and after the failed assassination attempt of a Congresswoman in Arizona (and the maiming and death of bystanders) in early January of this year, rather than pass legislation to prevent the senseless slaughter of innocents by those unstable and unfit to observe their second amendment rights, both politicians and the media pundits who provide commentary indulged in self absorbed adulation of their analyses of the incident and congratulated themselves on their indolence and anemic failure to respond. In other words, intellectual self-gratification.

On my annual February pilgrimage to South Dakota to honour her memory and conduct ceremony on the day and at the site on the Pine Ridge reservation where my Beloved wife Cecilia made her journey (twelve years ago), afterward, I travelled to Nebraska to visit with Leonard Crow Dog Sr., the eminent Lakota Chief who bonneted me back in the summer of 2003. After bringing in the customary groceries I purchase for he and his family, greeted with a warm handshake and welcoming embrace, he wasted little time, requesting I return to the market to obtain provisions for his people on the reservation who are starving. Cognizant of the situation and plight, I swiftly complied. In the mean time, he (who is advanced in age) along with members of his family, braved the harsh, bitter winds and frigid conditions - driving snow and temperatures in the low 20's - to cut and distribute firewood so the elders on the rez would not freeze to death. Though more than seven months had elapsed since last seeing him, no time was expended in idle conversation - people were in dire need and there was work to be accomplished.

Listening to people enamored with their own voices and inflated personal stories while accomplishing absolutely nothing (the tasks at hand remaining uncompleted), Cecilia would often comment: "Haven't they had enough of themselves yet?"

The time for talk is over. Relations are in pain - there are souls crying out for solace and others who are trapped and/or lost, requiring guidance to return Home. It is a matter of action and selfless service - not empty words and broken promises. Passing through the threshold into the spring emergence, it is time to move, to vanquish inertia, to get over ourselves and act not for oneself but for the benefit of all.


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