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New Years Salutations Relatives,

The final quarter of 2010 was replete with intensity, great learning, Magic and Mystery. September’s autumnal Equinox found us in Chaco Canyon New Mexico for the Medicine Wheel teachings. As a Way of Life, the Medicine Wheel is a Sacred navigational tool to maintain one’s trajectory on the journey upon the Earth. Unique aspects of the pilgrimage last year were not only the auspicious event that the Equinox and Full Moon occurred within a short window of time from each other but for the first instance in over two decades of consistent travel during the same season to the landscape Sacred to the Anasazi people, the Wakinyan Oyate (Thunder Nation) Blessed us with a persistent rain for an entire day and well into the evening directly on the Equinox.

October was devoted to furthering my skills in primitive technology as well as immersion in Buddhist practice. Early in the month I refined my techniques in cordage making by attending a class hosted by Miwok Archeological Preserve of Marin (MAPOM) at Kule Loklo in Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Mid month, members of the tiospaye and I attended an enlightening presentation by his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on the Eight Verses for Training the Mind. This was followed the very next day by participating in the Amitabha Buddha initiation. It was indeed a delight to be in his deep and mirthful presence again as well as to receive a second initiatory transmission from him (the first was the Medicine Buddha and White Tara empowerments in 2001). Days later I had the pleasure of participating in a four day retreat with Ani Pema Chödrön, one of Chögyam Trungpa’s principle disciples and exponents of the Shambhala teachings. She was presenting the material from one of his posthumously published works, Smile At Fear. At the conclusion of the intensive, I was honoured to formally present her with Native offerings of gratitude – a traditional blanket, plant Medicines Sacred to Turtle Island and items from the Sundance. In addition to graciously receiving the gifts, she informed me that Chögyam Trungpa himself was highly respectful of and interested in Indigenous teachings and collaborated with Medicine Men from North America. In between these transmissions from the two Dharma teachers, I attended a preconference event sponsored through Bioneers in which several elders and Medicine people from cultures around the world gathered to Talk Story and share wisdom. During the breakout session I had the privilege to fashion a wooden ceremonial paddle under the tutelage and guidance of a humble Maori master carver (who I later learned also happened to be a Chief).

In March of last year, I received an impassioned appeal to assist a recently born baby boy struggling to survive. I vowed to the Creator to complete a Hanbleceya (a traditional Vision Quest) if the boy’s life was spared. Gratefully, the prayers were answered and the boy was Doctored back to health. Circumstances precipitated the honouring of this commitment in November. The Quest site being in the foothills of the Mt. Lassen range, the weather is often unpredictable in the winter season and this month was no exception. Though exposed to below freezing temperatures with only a couple of blankets and a Canunpa Wakan (Sacred Pipe), the prayers and gratitude for the boy’s life kept me warm and the Tunkasilas were extremely generous with the Medicine they imparted.

In early December I returned to the island of Boriken (Puerto Rico). Unique to this journey was that my biological mother, who had never traveled from the mainland, accompanied me and not only experienced life on a tropical isle but also received an opportunity to participate in her first purification lodges. It was indeed quite special and a joy to introduce her and provide her with a more in depth glimpse of my world, ceremonies and tradition.

The year culminated in the early morning of the winter solstice with yet another Lightning strike upon my person (three’s a charm!). Though merely a “kiss” this time (the two previous were not nearly as gentle), the Medicine is never the less profound and life altering – in fact, my ears are still ringing.

Although I am not at liberty to reveal the specifics conveyed from the Hill (or the Lighting) at this time, considering the innumerable challenges, obstacles and suffering encountered both individually and collectively in 2009 and 2010, rest assured 2011 is a year of joy and abundance for those who set such an intention and sincerely apply themselves toward this endeavor.

To avail us in this intent and realization, Ancestral Voice is commencing initiations for the various Moon Cycle options in the Indigenous Lifeways Program - if the Path beckons, the time has arrived to overcome any resistance, embrace the call and contact us to embark on the journey for 2011 portends to be a year of great promise.

In celebration of the adventure…


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