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New Years (and Decade) Salutations Relatives,

2009 was a difficult year. This is the general consensus among those I have asked. As for myself, I concur. Several quarters have elapsed without a reflections to share for the latter half of 2009 was extremely challenging for me. I witnessed and experienced considerable strife and conflict at the Sundances I attended over the summer. In September my Lakota Unci (Grandmother), Victoria Chipps, made her journey Home after 92 years on this Earth, followed by the passing two days later of my mother’s companion of thirty years. Finally, not long ago, a dear friend and colleague was murdered under questionable and nefarious circumstances.

My Grandmother, from whom I learned and associated with for nearly two decades, was a Medicine and Holy Woman. Her oft-repeated phrases were: “Make every step a Prayer” and “Prayer changes things”. She lived in integrity, that is, truly walked her talk for she was in a constant state of Prayer – connecting, petitioning and speaking with Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit), the Tunkasilas (Ancestors) and Ina Maka (Mother Earth). As for her latter assertion, I can certainly attest. In August of 2009, a ceremonial brother invited me to participate in a two day/one night children’s Dance – one of the intentions of which was the recovery and healing of missing, abused and neglected children (a photograph of each child, along with her/his name and date of abduction was included in the Circle). A powerful and profound ceremony, the Wakinyan Oyate (Thunder Beings) were present and palpable. Four days after its completion, national headlines reported a young lady who had been kidnapped in her youth and kept hostage for twenty years by her captors was found in California. She was one of the children whose name and photograph comprised the Circle. Since that time other children for whom we prayed in that Dance have been discovered as well. Without equivocation, “Prayer changes things”. Gratitude to the Creator for answering the countless prayers on behalf of the children all over the world.

In honour of my Beloved wife and my Unci, who are reunited and now Dance together in the Spirit World – both unconditionally loving human beings who served as inspirations to many on the Sacred Path, as well as in remembrance of my friend, a gifted Medicine Man of great generosity and compassion, I affirm my intent and vow to continue to provide a venue and vehicle (through Ancestral Voice) for seekers to learn the art of Prayer, to heal and excavate themselves in order to achieve communion for the purpose of being of service to all of Creation.

Consequently, the Center is commencing another cycle of initiations for those intent upon walking and living one’s life and Path with Heart, Purpose and Freedom.

Praying 2010 will be a year of unreasonable joy and fulfillment and you will join me on the journey....

Ancestral Voice is commencing a new cycle of initiations so if drawn to learning the Sacred Native Path, you are welcome to contact me via e-mail or phone (415-897-7991) to embark on the journey.

Look forward to hearing from and to sharing this Way of Life with you.



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