Reflections:   Sept 2009.    3rd Qtr 2009

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Greetings Relatives,

The year 2012 is receiving considerable attention and press of late - fomenting unrest and fear of an impending apocalypse - which is unfounded, based upon improper translation and misreading of the Mayan glyphs.

In the autumn of 1999 I attended a conference on Shamanism near my home in Northern California. A respected Mayan elder was invited to present. Wracked with inconsolable grief over the departure of my Beloved wife Cecilia into the Spirit World earlier that year and, as a consequence, seeking healing from traditional Medicine people, I requested a private audience with him and his translator. During our session he read me like a book - figuratively and literally for he had in his possession a tome of Star Knowledge from his people. After he shared wisdom and prophesy regarding my wife and myself (most of which has since manifested), I inquired about 2012. Shaking his head in disbelief and exasperation, he explained that individuals not fluent in the Mayan language, with an incomplete understanding of his culture, were misinterpreting the meaning of the glyphs. The Western world was, in fact, already in the midst of 2012's energies, for that year corresponds to the Mayan (not Gregorian) calendar and mathematically, these calendars are not identical. He continued that, whereas the Mayan calendar is a 13 month cycle, the Gregorian calendar is a 12 month system so the quickening we had been experiencing in the world - the earth changes, escalation of conflict, etc.- indicated 2012 was already occurring. Furthermore, he mentioned that analogous to his Star manual (which did not contain months or days) the year was not an exact date but pointed to a window of time.

In other words, the proverbial excrement has already hit the fan.

There is a tendency to procrastinate or be lulled into a sense of complacency when there is an illusion of time - as evidenced by a young man who, sitting in one of my lodges a couple of years ago, prayed for an infirmed friend, requesting healing for him in the year 2012. To which I replied: Why not now? Why must your friend continue to suffer for the next five years when it is possible to petition the Great Spirit to heal him immediately?

Truth is there is no time to squander, to wait and assume we have a tomorrow. Far wiser to adopt a worst case scenario - to open our eyes and observe that our actions are adversely affecting the Earth and all life upon her, rather than dispute the facts and maintain our current course of annihilation. Granted the Earth, our sentient mother, will outlive us. Civilizations have come and gone upon her surface (according to the Hopi, we currently dwell in the fourth world). The questions remain if we will once again exterminate ourselves (and our fellow relations) and how She will be left for future generations. The Mayan prophesies as well as those of other Indigenous nations are clarion calls - resounding alarms for us to collectively awaken and remember our place as responsible stewards and caretakers of the Earth and all of our relations, for ultimately enlightenment is not a solitary affair. We are in this adventure together.

Mitakuye Oyasin


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