Reflections:   January 2009.    1st Qtr 2009

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Salutations Relatives! Trusting this finds you and your entire family in health and joy after the Holydays.

The final quarter of 2008 was replete with great learning and Blessings. I had the privilege of studying with one of the preeminent primitive technologists in the country – Cody Lundin, Director of the Aboriginal Living Skills School- during a nine-day intensive in the Arizona bush without amenities and luxuries (including toilet paper!)– living, foraging and hunting as all of our Ancestors once did. I departed from the course with more self-reliance, a greater appreciation for the complexities of survival in the wild as well as what is taken for granted in the modern world. Though forest fires had raged through the area in the summer months, the valley outside of Chico, CA where the biannual Hanbleceya occurs was untouched and the weather was absolutely pristine.

Early November found me back on the island of Boriken (Puerto Rico) teaching workshops, performing healings and conducting ceremonies in the lodge as well as mornings and evenings on the beach.

Soon after Thanksgiving and scheduled the day after our marriage anniversary, I sponsored the fourth and final Native American Church ceremony in honour and remembrance of my Beloved wife Cecilia who journeyed Home in February of 1999. The intention of the meeting was joy and gratitude: to express my gratefulness to her for the beauty and magic of our union - for gracing my life with her unconditional love and joy, for the profound learning I have received as a result of being catapulted onto and navigating the road of grief as well as for her continuous protection of me as an Ancestor. Words are unable to convey the magic, beauty and love I experienced during the ceremony. Deep thanks to the Road Chief, my uncle Bob Boyle, as well as his wife, Ann Rosencrantz, for adopting me as her brother.

While In St. Louis a new purification lodge was constructed and initiated in December, situated on land once frequented by the Native peoples of the area, overlooking the Mississippi River – absolutely exquisite. I am grateful to the stewards of the land for their generosity and graciousness. December concluded with the healing of a woman from brain cancer during a four-day Doctoring Lodge she requested me to perform on her behalf. Humble and profound gratitude always to Wakan Tanka, the Tunkasilas, the Wakinyan and the Earth - their Power never ceases to amaze me.

In January of 2009, Ancestral Voice is commencing new initiatory cycles of the Indigenous Lifeways Program, I am coordinating another Mongolian pilgrimage for July and I am delighted to report that I have begun composing a book - I am not at liberty to disclose its title or the contents, however, suffice to say it involves Indigenous Medicine. For those of you interested in perusing my previous reflections, they are complied and will soon be archived on the website. Photographs from my pilgrimages to follow!

The election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States is an unprecedented milestone in the history of this nation, one which heralds tremendous promise for our future. May he and we serve all of us well.

Prayers & Auspicious Blessings to you in this New Year,


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