Reflections:   January 2008    1st Qtr 2008

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Season’s Greetings Relatives,

Circumstances from the late summer months well into the autumn compelled me to refrain from composing my reflections and mailing a calendar last quarter (though the schedule was posted on the website) in order to meditate, contemplate and integrate the strong Medicine I have received...

Wildfires raged unchecked displacing countless families and charring the landscape in Southern California and an oil spill has decimated wildlife and ravaged the pristine coastline in the San Francisco Bay area – both incidents a consequence of human hands, malice and ignorance. Inter and intra-tribal as well as personal conflicts are escalating worldwide. Corruption is rampant – recently, while in Mexico City, two burly, aggressive police officers extorted money from the young Mexican driver and myself purely on the basis of the type of vehicle he was driving and the out of state license plates displayed. Global temperatures – literally and figuratively- are indeed rising. The prophecies have foretold of this time- BAPTISM BY FIRE.

Not long ago I was the target of considerable racism. Witnessing both deliberate as well as unconscious acts of this while my wife Cecilia was alive (she was Filipina), I had never been the direct recipient of this form of abuse on such a scale. Reflecting upon the nature of prejudice – I gather it is derived from a natural impulse, an instinct, to protect one’s own (family, tribe, nation) from perceived or actual threat and harm. However, today, in this time of greater interconnectivity and relationship, racism, like war, is obsolete, serves no useful purpose and is a detriment to our very survival as a species.

The Sun and Moon shine their light and radiance equally upon all beings and when the door to the purification lodge is closed, within the darkness, the Tunkasilas (Ancestral Spirits) do not discriminate, healing and doctoring everyone present - regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation and sexual orientation.

I certainly do not espouse we turn a blind eye to the glorious diversity of this world in terms of its peoples, cultures, faiths and traditions. Nor do I advocate a homogenization of the world in the name of sterile, nebulous “wholeness”. Rather, I encourage us to honour our differences yet not fixate exclusively upon color, appearances and superficialities but to perceive more deeply to reveal the underlying unity and commonalities within this grand plurality. In so doing, we embrace the fundamental truth that we are in fact, Mitakuye Oyasin – All Related.

Life is often messy. Inevitably, conflicts and disputes arise. After all, this is a world of apparent polarities and opposition. In certain situations, resolution is not always possible. Never the less, it is the endeavor and movement toward peace which is essential. To begin the process of dialogue to arrive at understanding, to cultivate even the ability to agree to disagree – these offer the possibility to learn not merely to tolerate but to accept and respect the differences which characterize our uniqueness and serve as vital steps forward.

Given the turbulent times confronting each and every one of us, prayers we embrace the conflicts which erupt to assist in our learning – to willingly step into the baptismal fires of transformation in order to become the phoenix-the winged fire bird who rises from the ashes of ignorance and destruction to soar upon the winds of peace and liberation.

Prayers for Health, Safe Journeys & Blessings on your Enfolding Adventure,


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