Reflections:   January 2007.    1st Qtr 2007

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Greetings Relatives,

Yuletide salutations! Gratitude to the Taino - the Indigenous people of Boriken (Puerto Rico)- for their warmth, generosity, hospitality and kindness. That familiar island spirit! In San Juan, the capital, I conducted Sunrise and evening ceremonies on the beach and countless healings and Doctorings throughout the days. In Jayuya, a city nestled in the heart of the island, surrounded by mountains and a stronghold for the Taino culture, I was invited to perform the opening and closing ceremonies for their annual Indigenous festival and to teach a workshop on healing. I was gratified to see the myriad youth participating, presenting and preserving their ancient ways through song, dance, ritual and the arts. I am fond of the song of the Coquies - the famous tree frogs of Puerto Rico- with their symphonic serenade every evening and into the early morn. I greatly anticipate my return. Pilgrimages to New Zealand to visit with the Maori in March and to share with the shamans of Mongolia in the late summer are also Dreamed for next year.

Surprised and grateful was I to learn of the unexpected honour of receiving a humanitarian award from the Unity and Diversity World Council, based in Los Angeles, California, in recognition of Ancestral Voice's "outstanding service to humanity and the planet" in assisting to "create a world that works for everyone". Their acknowledgment humbles me and galvanizes both the Center and myself to further action on behalf of all.

'Tis the season…. a new initiatory cycle of the Indigenous Lifeways Program (9, 13 and 26 Moon) is commencing. Inquiries and applications are currently being received and accepted. Omens indicate 2007 will be an auspicious year. Magic beckons and awaits those who cross the threshold and embark on the journey of Mystery.

Prayers, Blessings and prosperity to you, your family and to All of our Relations in this holiday season and the approaching year,


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