Reflections:   October 2006.    4th Qtr 2006

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Greetings Relatives,

The seasons are in transition. The fiery colors of fall, emerging. The sweet aroma of death wafts upon the winds. Conferring with fellow Chiefs, Medicine People and Dancers, triple digit temperatures were reported at the Sundances throughout the continent this year. It is a time of great intensity. A harbinger of greater heat (both literally and figuratively) to come, vital it is to believe in the power of prayers and our Sacred walk to sustain us, to trust the guidance, faithfully following the directives from our Dreams - without distraction and at all costs.

What is the ground, the purpose and reason for all relationships? Whether it is in relation with a partner, a family, the human /natural (animal, plant, elemental) communities or Ancestors and Unseen ones, the consequence of all interactions is learning - about one's self, one's values, principles, perspectives, and worldviews. Even petty tyrants and taskmasters are of considerable value - fortifying one's convictions, catalyzing and clarifying one's commitments. Constantly inquire - what are the teachings? What am I to learn from the beings crossing my path? From these experiences? Celebrate and regard all whom you encounter as teachers- even the challenging ones- for they are characters in your movie, deliberately written in by Great Mystery to draw you closer to the remembrance of who you are and the unique mission you have been sent here to accomplish. Embrace everyone and everything (regardless how painful) as opportunities for learning, healing and growth.

Providing a crucible and quickening for learning, Ancestral Voice is soon to commence another initiatory cycle and is welcoming inquires from potential students.

Recapitulating highlights from the last quarter, having visited the Big Island in July (requesting permission and performing ceremony at Pele's fire), a purification lodge in Kohala near the northern portion of the Island will be constructed at the end of the year. Being my birth month, I celebrated by swimming with giant, gentle and graceful manta rays on a night dive…transportive. Lodges and workshops were conducted in August for the thriving tiospaye (community) in St. Louis and I presented the first chapter from my completed Master's thesis, Principles and Practices of Indigenous Warriorship, at the International Conference on Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing in September, which was warmly and enthusiastically received. I am currently exploring avenues for its publication. Any suggestions or referrals are greatly appreciated.

Finally, the not for profit organization, Global Alliance for Balance and Healing, is now officially serving as my fiscal sponsor. Donations of any denomination are now tax deductible. If you care to contribute, please draft checks and address them to myself. Include a letter, requesting a receipt, for your and our records. I express my humble thanks in advance for your support and for availing me in following the Dreams.

Gratitude for all of the learnings,


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