Reflections:   July 2006.    3rd Qtr 2006

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Greetings Relatives,

It was a powerful, magical Sundance this year….

After worshipping the Great Spirit and the Earth, honouring the Ancestors and praying for All of our Relations by dancing and gazing at the Sun for four days, body pierced and tethered to the Tree of Life in the Mystery Circle, I am alarmed and troubled to return and observe humanity’s growing adversarial relationship with the Natural world – the ridiculous notion the Earth Mother and Sky Father intend to harm us (their children), when in fact, it is our failure to acknowledge and take responsibility for our ignorant, shortsighted actions which not only destroy the planet and all of our plant, animal, mineral and elemental relations upon her but, on account of the interconnectedness of all life, our very selves as well. It stands to reason- time for simple logic and to examine causality, to use the minds and hearts the Creator Blessed us with and to wake up and open our eyes.

Forcing them to mature far too swiftly, dominant culture literally adulterates children, often denying them of the necessary play, exploration and rites of passage, which engender learning and growth. Yet ironically, we deify the youth - covering up eagle fluff (gray hair), smoothing over crows feet (blaming it on the Sun), fearful and resistant to becoming the elders of the tribe with the responsibility to embody and transmit wisdom born from enduring the trails and tribulations and celebrating the triumphs of the human journey.

This obsession to “nip and tuck” is a symptom of the disease of omission and denial – an attempt to relive a lost, neglected childhood and the fear and avoidance of elderhood, which in this society is equated with deterioration, worthlessness and abandonment. Rather let us take inspiration from Buffalo and Wolf who grow stronger and wiser with age, becoming the leaders of the herd and pack in their later years. As adults and as a society, the time has arrived to grow up.

The Medicine Wheel recognizes the cycles of the universe and teaches us this fundamental respect for the phases through which we pass. As a Way of Life, it is a Sacred navigational compass to maintain our alignment, direction and trajectory with our unique destiny and purpose. It provides orientation to assure we remain on course. If you have entertained the notion of attending the Medicine Wheel Teachings in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico and desire to honour your life and to connect more deeply with your Original Instructions, then this is your year. This autumn will be particularly auspicious for the New Moon falls directly on the Equinox. The gateway will be expanded and clear.

Prayers to graciously honour the natural rhythms of life, to accept and embrace the stages of the human journey and to consider the consequences of our actions so future generations of All of our Relations will flourish – for if we do not, fewer than seven generations will likely remain.


Last updated June 27, 2006