Reflections:   April 2006.    2nd Qtr 2006

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Greetings Relatives,

Returned from the Rez (Pine Ridge, South Dakota) last month - my annual February pilgrimage - to ceremoniously honour and remember my wife and to care for the Cedar Tree planted at the site where she made her Journey. It is astounding to realize seven years has elapsed since the Mystery beckoned Cecilia Home. This year marks a cycle of grieving completed - innumerable changes and growth have occurred in my life since that shattering moment. Based upon the colonial culture's avoidance and denial of pain, suffering and conflict, few intimately understand let alone explore the territory of grief, discovering the formidable teacher and transformer it to be. Admittedly, not a day passes I do not think of her, wonder how she is faring and periodically, we continue to visit in the Dreamtime (after all, she is an Ancestor). It is unsophisticated and naïve to think one "gets over" or "recovers from" grief. Rather, through healing, time and surrender, one's heart slowly anneals and awareness expands to cradle and relate to the story in a more accepting manner, continuing to live with greater wisdom and compassion as a result.

I track many completions and closures as the energies of emergence arrive this season, heralding new beginnings. The first draft of my Master's Thesis (Principles of Indigenous Warriorship) has been submitted for graduation from Naropa University in May (which by the way, Cecilia instructed and encouraged me to pursue during one of our conversations in the Dreamtime). Teaching positions at local colleges and Universities are already being offered. Great news, the non-profit organization Global Alliance has agreed to serve as fiscal sponsor for Ancestral Voice - details regarding methods to support us are forthcoming. Preparations are currently underway for High Ceremony - our Spring Vision Quest (known in Lakota as Hanbleceya - "Crying for a Dream") in May and the Sundance (Wiwang Wacipi - "Sun Gazing Dance") in Lampasas, Texas in June- intended to commemorate these closures and celebrate novel openings.

In the Great Breathing of the Earth and Source - Life and Death, Love and Grief are linked in an inexorable Dance together. Feel the rhythm…listen to the music….

Prayers for Graceful movements and transitions,


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