Reflections:   January 2006.    1st Qtr 2006

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Greetings Relatives,

As the frenzied activity of the holiday season amplifies, feeding the shadow of growing consumption (whereas the impulse I feel is to slow my pace in preparation for the winter of Dreaming), I am disconcerted by the disposability of the culture and its translation into our relationships. How swiftly partners, family, friends and communities are discarded and abandoned when differences arise, expectations are unmet and wounds triggered.

Currently, our species lacks the emotional maturity to nobly, elegantly and as seamlessly as possible dance through changes of form. As if people are no longer of any value in one's life if they do not conform to or serve one's agendas. In truth, by such an act of severance, we are excising the portions of ourselves, reflected in the mirror of the other, we deem unworthy of our love, attention, compassion and forgiveness.

All beings, everyone whom we encounter on our journey, are valuable for they have been specifically and skillfully placed in our paths by the Great Mystery, Ancestors and Earth for the purposes of our awakening - to assist us in healing and learning who we are, our unique purpose and how to love more deeply. To dismiss anyone is to therefore deny ourselves of these gifts.

We have forgotten how to forgive, to grant each other grace and recognize our humanity. Each of us is fallible, have moments of uncertainty, times when we falter. Our humanity does not prevent us from being instruments of Great Mystery; on the contrary, it deepens and informs this relationship. To forgive is not to condone. Rather, it is to release the violations and perceptions/attachment to victimization and to take responsibility for one's own issues and part. Forgiveness is one of the highest expressions of loving. Forgiveness is unconditional love. We do not live backwards only forward preferably with greater love, compassion, truth and understanding- to allow challenges to serve as an impetus to unify and find solidarity, to bring us closer together.

Globally, our love, fortitude, resiliency and commitments are being tested. We have a chance for truth, peace and reconciliation. I pray we do not squander it. When we have differences, rather than flee, the teaching is to show up, stay present and communicate. When the energies intensify, we pray more deeply, remaining in the lodge or approaching the fire, not departing or retreating. We invite the purification in order to be transformed and emerge cleansed and resurrected - more connected to all of our relations as a consequence.

In the genuine spirit of Christmas, I pray we draw inspiration from the medicine man who gave the most precious, Sacred of gifts - literally sacrificing his flesh, blood and life upon the cross - for the people. Embodying and displaying to the world, as a genuine example of a human being, true compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love.

Prayers for Peace, Generosity and Reconciliation,


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