Reflections:   October 2005.    4th Qtr 2005

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Greetings Relatives,

It has been quite a full and enriching quarter. July marked the ceremonial construction and inauguration of two new purification lodges in St. Louis, MO and Santa Rosa, CA. Incidentally, I celebrated my birth by deep sea fishing and horseback riding on the beach.

August found us back on the African continent. The High Sanusi Baba Vusamazulu Mutwa and his wife Virginia (a fine Sangoma in her own right) graciously received us in South Africa. He generously bestowed his vast wisdom, regaled us with story and song and entrusted me with a precious gift to share with the world - a book for children of his drawings and writings, which I am honoured to eventually publish. After the exhilarating experience of witnessing a cheetah hunt impala in Kruger National Park, sighting over one hundred species of mammal, bird and reptile in their natural environments as well as savoring such wild game as kudu, eland, wildebeest, impala and warthog (which is surprisingly delicious), it was off to Botswana for POW WOW, Kalahari Style. We were invited to attend the annual Kuru San Dance Festival, which occurs for two days and the night of the full moon. Over 400 Koisan (Bushmen) from Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa gather each year to Dance, Sing, play music, feast and Talk Story. Powerful and magical it was to behold the most ancient of doctoring Dances under the light of Grandmother Moon beside the flames of Grandfather Fire. Privileged was I to Dance with my San family and the elders once again. It was equally gratifying to see the intergenerational participation and transmission of Medicine - the preservation of their Sacred Dances and Songs (a stronghold of their Way of Life)- as well as the infectious smiles and laughter in the midst of the daily perils and pressures they face as a people. Gratitude to Kindred Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico and its executive director Laura Wills, for their generous donation of desperately needed medical supplies to assist with the health and care of the San.

In September I attended a couple of conferences, one of which was The Gathering, sponsored by Journey to the Heart. An illustrious roster of Indigenous elders and Medicine people from around the globe- African, Hawaiian, New Zealand, North and South American, Scandinavian and European - convened in Angelus Oaks California to Talk Story, heal and to share ceremony. A unique learning experience indeed. On the home front we were Blessed to have Ms. Beatrice, the Mayan master herbalist and midwife (adept at the art of uterine massage) from Belize reveal her Medicine ways with us and Mandaza, a Medicine man from Zimbabwe whom I had the pleasure of encountering during the Gathering will grace us with his healing presence at this month's Sacred Hoops. Upon completion of these reflections I immediately depart for Chaco Canyon, New Mexico to commune with the Ancient Ones during the approaching threshold of the equinox- to conduct ceremonies for peace, balance, to remember our relatives who have journeyed Home and honour those who remain behind.

Prayers & Blessings,


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