Reflections:   July 2005.    3rd Qtr 2005

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Greetings Relatives,

Recently returned and integrating the Medicine from a deep and profound Sundance this year…

In addition to the remembrance and fulfillment of our Original Medicine as well as the embodiment of Unconditional Love, I concur with a Sundance brother of mine that we are also placed upon the Beloved Mother to heal the unresolved wounds of our families, lineages and Ancestors. For the sake of clarity, I regard everyone and every being who has once dwelled upon the Earth and has since journeyed Home or has yet to arrive (the unborn) as an Ancestor.

At the moment of incarnation, when Mystery merges with matter, a burden bundle is passed to each soul. Within is contained the wounds, issues, fears and traumas of one's parents, blood lineages and Ancestors. As we grow, many of these patterns are expressed, often without our awareness and volition. For certain souls who mature and awaken, there is an impulse to open the bundle and examine its contents. With ruthless honesty, unbending intent, perseverance, discipline in one's Sacred practices and the wisdom gleaned from life learning (as well as drawing from the Blessing bundle which contains the gifts, talents and forts bestowed by one's family, lineages, and Ancestors), one gathers the energy and knowledge to remove the items from the burden bundle and therefore, liberate not only oneself but, by extension and association, both past and future generations from limitations, dysfunctions and the shackles of destructive behavioral patterns from ancient and recent history so we may achieve freedom.

A monumental task to eliminate all of the contents in the course of a lifetime, consistent, tireless attention and effort at least allows for the size of the burden bundle to diminish significantly so when one's own bundle is passed to future generations - as a parent, mentor or leader- the beneficiaries will not be as encumbered, with less of an unfavorable legacy to heal and purify. It is equally our responsibility to personally contribute to the Blessing bundle so it expands for the benefit of all beings.

If the impulse to explore both the Blessing and burden bundles beckons, I encourage you to join us in September for Medicine Wheel Teachings in New Mexico. There, in the Sacred container of Chaco Canyon, surrounded by the Ancient Ones, in safety and Beauty, we reveal and heal. To register, please contact us at one of our new e-mail addresses: and/or

In the spirit of freedom, I gratefully announce the successful fledging and flight of three of the Peregrine Falcon offspring from the 33rd Floor of the PG & E building in downtown San Francisco. It was a genuine gift and delight to track their growth and development.

Prayers each of us invests the energy, commitment and effort to unfurl the bundles, fledge and fly.

Auspicious Blessings,


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