Reflections:   January 2005.    1st Qtr 2005

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Greetings Relatives,

In this threshold of emergence, a springing forth into beginnings and a blossoming of new life, I am marveling at the Medicine of avian motherhood (my reverence extending to all mothers for that matter). As I write, a pair of Peregrine falcons atop the 33rd floor of the PG & E building in downtown San Francisco are expectant parents for the entire world to behold- a web cam, established by the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group (with funds for the camera and materials for the construction of the nest generously provided by PG & E), is monitoring the entire process of development. Essentially on a month long Vision Quest, the female faithfully incubates the four precious eggs, sitting like a Buddha- watchful, aware, in absolute repose- leaving the nest only to feed herself (the nourishment principally gathered by her tireless mate), relieve herself and to briefly stretch her wings. Both are an inspiration in their devotion and selflessness and she is an exquisite teacher in the arts of meditation, attentiveness, perseverance and patience. I invite and encourage you to sit at the talons of a Master by visiting the nest site:

The arrival of spring also heralds the time of purification and preparation for our High Ceremonies- the Vision Quest swiftly approaches in May followed soon afterward by the Sundance in Lampasas, TX and Eugene, OR in June. July, the month of my birth, finds me home to conduct Doctorings and to perform a marriage ceremony. Suggestions on adventurous ways to celebrate my birth this year is greatly appreciated. August will find several of us back in South Africa, visiting with the Zulu High Sanusi and Prophet Baba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, on safari in Kruger National Park and then on to Botswana for the annual Dance Festival with the San (Bushmen). If the Ancestors of Chaco Canyon are calling you to join us for Medicine Wheel Teachings in honour of the Autumnal Equinox in September, it is wise not to delay.

Deep gratitude for the favorable responses and insightful, constructive feedback regarding the web site. Its popularity is growing with more visitations daily. With respect to motherhood, in our ongoing commitment to protect and preserve our Earth, please inform us if your preference is to receive the calendar electronically (for those that have already responded, we thank you). If we do not hear from you, the calendar will continue to be sent through more traditional routes.

May you break through your shell, be nourished by the Mother and Father, approach the edge, unfold your practiced wings, leap and soar into Spring.


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