Reflections:   October 2004.    4th Qtr 2004

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Greetings Relatives,

The journey to Palau, Micronesia to participate in the 9th Festival of the Arts was remarkable and memorable. The Palauans are some the most warm, welcoming, kind and generous people I have ever encountered on my travels worldwide. The songs, dances, music, ceremonies, cultural and healing arts of the 28 Island nations in attendance were powerful and inspiring. It was an honour to be invited to speak (serving as an impromptu ambassador of the Indigenous peoples of North America) at some of the symposia concerning the protection and preservation of Traditional cultural knowledge, the healing arts and the role and responsibilities of tribal leadership in the contemporary world. In addition, the unique foods I tasted were delicious, the landscape absolutely breathtaking and the scuba diving superlative. Occurring every four years, the next host country for this special gathering is American Samoa. See you there in 2008!

The pilgrimage to visit the High Sanusi Baba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, in South Africa as well as Chobe National Park, the Moremi Game Reserve (Okavango Delta) and the San people (! Kung Bushmen) in Botswana in mid- November (approximate dates being the 7th through the 23rd) is shaping up smoothly. Only a few spaces remain so if Africa beckons, the time to act is immediately!

Excellent news…. the web site is complete and ready for surfing! Check out the "wave" and inform us of your impressions. The address is WWW.ANCESTRALVOICE.ORG. For those who would prefer not to receive a calendar by mail any longer, please either telephone or e-mail us with this request (providing us with your e-mail address, naturally). For those who prefer hard copy, the feel of paper in hand (as I do), you will continue to receive it via snail mail as usual.

The Hopi have a prophecy that eventually Grandmother Spider will reweave the worlds together. It is certainly no coincidence and, in fact, a fulfillment of the Vision that this global communications network is recognized as the World Wide Web!

Look forward to hearing from you and to connecting the strands,


Last updated Oct, 2004