Reflections:   July 2004.    3rd Qtr 2004

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Greetings Relatives,

Perhaps it was from the unprecedented celestial phenomenon of Venus traversing the face of our Sun, the Medicine of Love amplified by Fire, for prior to my departure for Sundance (the ceremony of which was merciful and quite powerful this year) I was deluged with inquires on the manner and method to attract a Beloved.

My response in each instance, born from my own personal experience, was simple: cease pining, looking and reaching outside for the Beloved dwells within and is discovered through the inward journey. When an individual begins to cultivate, in sincerity, an abiding relationship with the Sacred and the Earth, there blossoms an honouring and respect for one's self (and all of Creation)- an awakening to one's intrinsic beauty, esteem and Divinity, as well as one's reason and purpose for being here. Consequently, A quiet confidence, humble strength, passion and trust builds. One's Energy becomes subtly magnetic. As a gift and Blessing to support in the further deepening of this relationship and the realization of one's Original Instructions, the Source and universe, as a vast mirror, generously (and unpredictably!) provides the individual with a pure, exquisite reflection of the Love and adoration for one's self and life in the form of a companion- as it was for my wife Cecilia and myself when we first encountered each other. The partner, therefore, is a Sacred embodiment of the discovery of one's own Belovedness. And we are of theirs. Magic (and work!) ensues as the music and dance of intimacy expand by a factor of two!

Heeding the Creator's call from an early age, Sage LaPena, a Wintu ethnobotanist and ecologist from the Mt. Shasta Range of Northern California shared stories at our June Sacred Hoops of her intimacy with the Earth and revealed not only her extensive knowledge of Plant Medicines and their traditional uses in California Native cultures but also the complex, elegant and intricate relationships that exist between all of Creation. In gratitude, we offer Blessings and prayers of healing to her, her children and entire family.

Swiftly approaching in mid July, I find myself already commencing to pack in anticipation of the 9th Festival of Pacific Arts in Palau Micronesia- I will be talking story with fellow chiefs, lore keepers and Medicine People of various Island nations. Regarding South Africa, only a few spaces remain for the pilgrimage to visit Baba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, Kruger National Park and the Bushmen in November. Closer to home, it will be an auspicious year for Medicine Wheel Teachings in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (September) and the Vision Quest in Chico, California (October). Considering the preparations and logistics, it is wise to make your intentions clear and immediately known to the Universe (and Ancestral Voice!) if desirous of participating in any of the aforementioned.

One final piece of counsel with respect to the Beloved is patience- the "arrival" occurs when least expected (you are focused upon performing your service to the world) and it is not subject to human clocks but rather, operates according to Divine Timing.

May Courage, Trust and Faith accompany you on the Journey,


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