Reflections:   April 2004.    2nd Qtr 2004

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Greetings Relatives,

I sense a crisis of significant proportions looms large upon the horizon. Worldwide, Traditional Indigenous Elders and Medicine People, born and raised in the previous era, are going Home in staggering numbers and alarming frequency- taking their people's language, culture, ceremonies and wisdom with them. It is said that when a Native herbalist passes into the Spirit World, an entire library of botanical knowledge burns to the ground.

It is therefore incumbent upon those who remain behind to remember and preserve these legacies for future generations by gleaning as much as humanly possible from these precious fountains of wisdom and experience while they continue to grace and guide us with their presence upon the Earth. This necessitates loyalty, patience, steadfast commitment and a warrior's intrinsic discipline (derived from passion and an insatiable quest for learning). It involves the capacity to humble oneself, to surrender one's illusion of "authority" to become teachable, to embody the beginner's heart and mind in order to absorb the transmissions, pass the tests, endure the personal ordeals and refine one's practices to ultimately earn the privilege, sanction and Blessing of one's teachers to carry the torch of responsibility for the lineage.

In the spirit of this preservation of ancient cultures and lineages, with great respect for their ongoing endeavors, I bring to your attention The 9th Festival of Pacific Arts- an international assemblage of twenty seven Island nations who gather to share, promote and protect the Sacred knowledge, lore, arts and crafts of their people and Ancestors. Occurring every four years, the location, in the month of July, is on the Island paradise of Palau in Micronesia. It will indeed be an honour to attend. In August, I travel to Europe to conduct a Traditional Vision Quest in England. September finds us conducting Medicine Wheel Teachings and ceremony in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico to honour the Equinox and the intent is to pilgrimage once again in the late Autumn/early Winter to South Africa (with a small group of individuals this time) to share with Baba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa as well as the Bushmen of the Kalahari. Please contact Ancestral Voice swiftly if it is your Dream to journey with us.

As the Dharma encourages, though the Teachings are Endless, vow to learn them all.

When the Path beckons, rejoice, release and faithfully learn the Way. The Ancients Ones are counting on us and the future depends on us.


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