Reflections:   October 2003.    4th Qtr 2003

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Greetings Relatives,

This autumn heralds my tenth year living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Considerable change has transpired in my life. It is here that Ancestral Voice - Center for Indigenous Lifeways had its genesis. Reflecting back upon this time, Ancestral Voice has served literally thousands of people- premature babies in ICU hospital units whose conditions significantly improved with soothing Native flute music, pregnant women participating in birthing ceremonies, individuals afflicted with HIV, cancer and other life threatening challenges receiving healing through doctoring ceremonies, those in addiction recovery programs, school children and troubled youth having desperately needed mentorship, rituals and rites of passage, elders in retirement homes being honoured and granted a venue to talk story, grief stricken and bereaved survivors receiving counseling and death/dying ceremonies, guidance provided to Native patients in mental health facilities, Indigenous peoples worldwide assisted with basic sustenance as well as support in the preservation of their cultural and Sacred way of existence, as well as countless spiritual seekers (like yourselves) afforded a Sacred sanctuary to learn shamanic practises and participate in Native Pathways to discover and cultivate deeper communion with the Source and the Earth. Many have benefited. To all of you, who, throughout the years, have offered and remain in support of the Dream of this center and its Vision for the flourishing of Seven Generations and beyond, my profound and heartfelt gratitude.

My intent (spawned by the passing of my Beloved wife Cecilia into the Spirit World) to visit every continent on this Earth, sharing Medicine with Indigenous Cultures, continues. In October I pilgrimage to South Africa in order to have the privilege of a meeting with one of the most renown and celebrated healers, visionaries and lore keepers of all of Africa- Baba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa. A journey I am greatly anticipating.

In July, I celebrated the fortieth year of my birth with an overnight rafting adventure down the Middle Fork of the American River (class IV). If the gifts of exquisite weather, pristine wilderness and numerous sightings of animal relations were not enough, I was granted the opportunity to conduct a purification lodge on its banks with the Ancestors sparkling overhead. - a truly memorable and auspicious threshold.

Praying the next decade will bring even greater service and adventure,


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