Reflections:   July 2003.    3rd Qtr 2003

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Greetings Relatives,

Upon returning from the Sundance this year with a novel role and considerably more responsibilities for myself, we - my students, community and I - were honoured by the presence of one of my first Medicine Teachers- Tsloot koi yeh (Beautiful Painted Arrow), Joseph Rael- whom I had not seen in seven years. A genuine Mystic and Seer, in his inimitably penetrating way, he shared his vast insights and understandings on the nature of vibration and Being. As an expression of my gratitude for his tutelage and guidance, I gifted him with a blanket from the Sundance in a give away ceremony we performed. I also committed to the construction of a Sound Chamber in California to continue his Dream and legacy. Forever grateful am I for his Love, Medicine and Mentorship in my life.

The pilgrimage to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico soon approaches and this one is particularly auspicious. The Equinox and New Moon both occur within the window of time we walk and commune with the Ancient Ones. Special ceremonies are Dreamed for both evenings, which initiate and bring closure to our learnings there. If you have been waiting for the right, magical moment to attend, this is it! Look forward to seeing and praying with you....

Safe Journeys,


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