Reflections:   April 2003.    2nd Qtr 2003

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Greetings Relatives,

Exciting developments! After considerable patience, I finally discovered a graphic artist sensitive and capable of rendering on computer the logo of Ancestral Voice I Dreamt in ceremony and designed so many moons ago. Praise and Blessings to Quan (Yin!) Walker of Quan Designs (telephone: 925-984-5310) for her remarkable talent. I am pleased and delighted to present it below for the first time- * Remain alert! Frequent sightings are soon to follow. With the image now complete, the web site construction commences. Additionally, arrangements are underway for me to create a studio recording of the music and Sacerd songs many of you have requested. Stay tuned for their arrival.

Be the Voice of the Ancestors, keeping always the Earth in your eye,


Last updated Apr, 2003