Reflections:   January 2003.    1st Qtr 2003

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Greetings Relatives,

The national and global events of this year reinforce my conviction that our survival as a species is dependent upon the capacity to free ourselves from the shackles of colonial thought and action. Addicted to consumerism, competition, conflict and exclusivity, this type of conditioning results in self righteousness, alienation, isolation, despair and the perpetuation of fear (which is its source). Rather, it is vital we remember our Indigenousness, our Tribal Awareness. To realize all beings are birthed from the womb of our Beloved Earth Mother, Blessed with precious Life from the Sacred Breath of Great Spirit. As relatives, we are inclusive - perceiving and experiencing all Life as interconnected- part of one diverse family. We embrace and form community to collaborate, cooperate and support each other in the manifestation of every person's original instructions for the purpose of contributing our gifts for seven generations and beyond.

We express gratitude to Chief Luciano Perez and Ifa/Orisha elder Luisa Teish for sharing their insights, teachings and understandings of this interrelationship at our Sacred Hoops gatherings.

The human journey is marked by passages, which, for our health and well being, require acknowledgement. These ceremonies are signposts keeping us in alignment with our Life Path and connected to the Ancestors, families and communities who witness the thresholds through which we pass. Indigenous peoples worldwide have been aware that these rites of passage are essential for our survival and spiritual evolution, both individually and collectively. Ancestral Voice is committed to honouring the gamut of each individual's unique journey by providing a ceremonial container, a Sacred crucible, for the unfoldment of transformation every step along the way. Ceremonies ranging from births, coming of age, and marriages to grieving, death and dying were conducted this year. It is always magical and humbling to be present at these liminal portals which bridge the worlds. Looking forward to serving you....

Blessings on your Path,


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