Reflections:   October 2002.    4th Qtr 2002

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Greetings Relatives,

We are Blessed by the arrival of Samantha Rose Davis to this Earth and our community in the early morning hours of the 4th of September . It was an honour and absolute joy to be present to support this magical birth in ceremony. I am delighted to report beautiful baby, mother and father are all healthy and happy (though the latter two a little fatigued!)

And in the delicate, poignant balance of life... four days later, Beloved Reverend Mama Lucas, a remarkable healer, seer and a genuine channel, journeyed Home to Spirit. The embodiment of Unconditional Love and Selfless Service, she touched and transformed countless lives. She is deeply missed by many. Prayers to her and her entire family.

My dear friend and colleague Kazuko Onodera, Tea Ceremonialist and Yogini, shared her insights and medicine with us at our August Sacred Hoops gathering. She spoke of the devotion, discipline and responsibilities necessary to a Path as well as the Sacred relationship which develops and evolves between teacher and student - underscored by the recent passing of her Yoga teacher, Swami Satchidananda, with whom she had a 36 year association. Available for ceremonies, instruction and healings, she is reachable @ (510) 549-3153.

Ancestral Voice, in collaboration with Health Medicine Forum, is pleased to announce a special gathering on the 29th of October entitled "Native Medicine- Talkin' Story with the Elders". Assembled is a panel of esteemed Medicine People from different traditions for a Spirited evening of conversation and ceremony. Doors open circa 6pm in Nile Hall, Preservation Park, Oakland, CA. For more information contact either the Ancestral Voice office @ (415) 897-7991 or HMF @ (925) 962-3799. Look forward to seeing you there.

Reflecting have I upon the challenges we encounter on the journey through Life. To embrace the Sacred Path deliberately step into the Flames, the Refiner's Fire of willingly endure the Master Swordmaker's Hammer- hearing the familiar ping, feeling the compression of layers of rough, unhewn steel into razor be plunged and held underwater to cool while the Steam, the Breath of the Creator, dances around you....the cycle endlessly repeated....forming the tempered blade to sever the illusion of perception, to clearly see things as they are, the Truth of this and all worlds.

Leap into the Flames....arise Excalibur.


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