Reflections:   July 2002.    3rd Qtr 2002

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Greetings Relatives,

Having recently returned from Sundance Blessed with considerable Medicine, I find myself reflecting upon the nature of commitment. This marks my twelfth Dance in eleven consecutive years. Contrary to the prevailing perception in our society, devotion is liberation, not bondage and limitation. Commitment and devotion are potent vehicles for Freedom. Simply stated, Freedom is the absence of concern for one's self. Fearlessness. Without worry. Faith supplants fear and the predilection to control. Instead, there is complete and abiding Trust in the Mystery. A profound conviction and inner knowingness that the Source, which is Absolute Awareness and Abundance, will provide the necessary guidance and nourishment for the Journey.

Devotion to a Beloved companion is equally Freeing. A Sacred Union of two Hearts is the Divine embodiment of unconditional Love and unwavering support. A Love whose intention is to allow each partner to grow to her fullest potential, to remember his original instructions, to fulfill the purpose and reason for our Spirits to Grace this Earth. In other words, ones partner avails in revealing and cultivating the best in oneself for the benefit of all beings. We discover our wings with which to soar. Simultaneously, the mirror of relationship (the clear reflection we permit our partner to become) exposes our wounds, issues and patterns, the parts within ourselves which require attention and refinement. The healing of which yields greater Freedom, Insight, Illumination and an ever deepening Love. Therefore, twice Blessed are we by the Beloved's presence.

Even the commitment to a Dream/Vision engenders passion, inspiration, unbridled creativity and boundless energy for its realization and manifestation upon the Earth.... the merging of Mystery and Matter together.

So....Fear not. Flee not. Embrace commitment and Dance.


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