Reflections:   April 2002.    2nd Qtr 2002

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Greetings Relatives,

My heart is heavy, aching and deeply troubled. Incredulous am I at the degree of our unkindness, insensitivity and immaturity toward one another. Through my personal experiences of late, it has become painfully apparent the magnitude to which fear prevents human beings from Loving and, therefore, truly living. Evidently our society is predicated on and operates predominantly from Fear. In fact, it runs our world. Fear of commitment, of intimacy, of vulnerability. Its partner in this dance of polarities is Love. Love is our Birthright. The most magnificent and powerful force which flows incessantly from the Mystery. It is our innermost yearning to bestow and receive this most magical and healing of elixirs. It is the profoundest of desires to be truly seen and recognized for who we are. Yet when Blessed with its arrival, when our prayers are heard and answered, the tendency is to reject the offering and flee- thereby missing the opportunity to heal our wounds and liberate ourselves from the exhausting repetition of patterns, issues and self-limiting perceptions. In essence, we renounce our very chance at Freedom. Tragic really.

As I composed in a recent letter to a Beloved grappling with these concerns:
Perhaps the "wrong choice" is not accepting the gift - the answer to your prayer. Often Life demands flexibility of us to respond to the universe's unexpected and unpredictable opportunities, to open our eyes and truly see what's before us, to reexamine and adjust our beliefs rather than remain attached to our personal agreements, choices and opinions, which often limit our possibilities. Please be open- for your own sake as well as for mine.

We do not control the course of Love. It guides, carries, supports and nourishes us to greater understanding of ourselves, each other and the Infinite Breath which surrounds us. For to be Loved and appreciated, especially by a Beloved, is the deepest of human cravings. It is what we seek our entire lives (what you also have expressed)- so when discovered, a rare and precious jewel that shines more radiantly when polished and cherished. It is Love which binds this entire universe together- which has brought us together- uniting individuals to explore the deeper Mysteries of the Heart. Love dissolves fear. Love is the key which unlocks the door to the Heart.

The challenge, therefore, is to risk Loving and keeping ourselves and our hearts open, particularly when internal and external fears are pressuring us to shut down and close ourselves off to the possibility of feeling the enchantment, ecstasy and pain of Love. To perform the necessary inner work to identify and release our fears and wounds. To gather the courage to Love in spite of the fear surrounding us. To Love even those who harm us-whether deliberately or not. To Love in the face of unlovingness, pain and suffering. Ultimately, to Love authentically, continuously and unconditionally.

I pray we collectively embark on this journey, beginning with oneself....


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