Reflections:   October 2001.    4th Qtr 2001

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The day after 9/11 is somber. Grief and despair hang heavy in the air- a dense pall of shock, sadness, disbelief, anger, confusion. There is considerable work to be accomplished for our evolution. The magnitude of human malice, cruelty and ignorance existing in the world is disconcerting. I am incredulous. To perpetrate acts of such ruthless, unconscionable devastation...there is already enough suffering and pain...It tears my heart apart.... Branded in my brain is the image of fellow humans hurling to their deaths....

Upon learning the news, I found myself immediately weeping and in prayer. Soon afterward, I was on the horn contacting family, friends and community throughout the world requesting that we gather in solidarity at an appointed hour to pray collectively for those who have returned Home, for those now grieving who remain behind and for Peace- the avoidance of retaliation and knee-jerk reactionary racism. An intent to be of one Spirit, one Heart, one Mind and one Body.

With profound respect I acknowledge the tremendously brave, courageous and dedicated warriors- firefighters, police officers, paramedics/EMTs, airline passengers/crew and bystanders- who willingly placed themselves in harms way- even sacrificing their very lives- to protect and rescue those in peril. To all the medical/religious personnel and volunteers in hospitals, clinics and places of worship healing and ministering to the dying and wounded. You are honoured and remembered for your valiant, selfless acts of service.

My heart is bleeding....I pray this trauma catalyzes our awakening. Shatters our slumber, apathy, complacency and inertia. No longer can we procrastinate. Lives are at stake. The time has arrived to act- together. Imperative it is to pray, walk and tirelessly work to shift the Dream of this world from senseless violence to one of Peace- to relentlessly continue this crusade and ministry in order to engender a global solidarity of Vision for the purpose of guaranteeing the survival of generations yet to come....In Prayer,


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