Reflections:   July 2001.    3rd Qtr 2001

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Greetings Relatives,

Copious Gifts....In preparation for this year's Sundance (and for the next phase of my Life) I've had the privilege of spending time in the presence of Greatness. It commenced with four days of remarkable teachings and transmissions (the Heart Sutra) with the Dalai Lama, culminating on the final day with the Medicine Buddha and White Tara Empowerment Ceremonies. These involve accepting the vows of Bodhisattvahood - a path virtually identical to that of a Sundancer. A profound deepening on the Way.

While with his Holiness, I noticed a man full of light, displaying quiet inner strength and a nobility of Spirit. Datu Efren Mandipensa is a chief (Datu) of the Higaonon tribe-the Indigenous people of the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines. They dwell in the last virgin rainforest, now threatened by outside mercenary interests. Datu Mandiposa travels the world as a voice for the forest and his people..."We are a Tribe of Peace. But I will fight to defend my people and land. I would choose a meaningful Death over a meaningless Life." I immediately invited him to our May Sacred Hoops gathering. He, along with his assistants, conducted a powerful ceremony and shared stories of the plights he, his family, his tribe and the rainforest face. Please support his quest to protect and reforest his Ancestral homelands by sending donations to PWC (with a memo notation UNAHI), Non-profit ID# 770439301, Attn: Miciella Pretari, 1090 Bluebell Dr., Livermore, CA 94550. For more information contact Miciella at (925) 455-5222 or

In June I was invited to attend a gathering of Elders on the Six Nations reserve in Canada. It was an absolute Blessing to be with Faithkeepers, Medicine People, and gentle, humorous and loving elders from the Longhouse tradition- to be present to drink from their deep font of Sacred Wisdom and heartfelt Humanity. In honour of the Peacemaker, whose vision and action united the Iroquois Confederacy, a Tree of Peace (White Pine) was planted. I remain humbled and overwhelmed by their gesture - they bestowed Medicine Gifts upon me to acknowledge my service/ sacrifices and to encourage the continuance of my journey on the Red Road on behalf of All of our Relations. One of my new relatives, Mohawk elder Renee Hill, graciously made time in her full schedule and is soon to travel from the Reserve to celebrate the Solstice and to share in ceremony & story with us. I am most grateful for her appearance in my life.

Plans are proceeding smoothly for construction of the log cabin home on the Pine Ridge Reservation- honouring my promise to Cecilia to realize our Dream of supporting Grandma Chipps and her family. Your assistance with resources and prayers for the manifestation of this Dream is greatly appreciated.

Finally, on account of the extremely favorable response to the announcement of our pilgrimage to Peru, we are increasing the size of the group to accommodate more participants. Please contact us immediately if you intend to accompany us on this magical odyssey. May you Walk in Balance,


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