Reflections:   April 2001.    2nd Qtr 2001

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Greetings Relatives,

The emergence of Spring this year heralds tremendous Energy, activity and novel developments for Ancestral Voice. To honour my Beloved wife Cecilia and the many projects we Dreamed together in support of Indigenous peoples, I am proud to announce that a non profit component of the Center is to be established. In addition, for those aficionados who surf the net, designs for a web page are on the drawing board. Please contact us either by snail or electronic mail if you would prefer to receive your calendar on line, when available in the Autumn.

Fulfilling the lifelong Dream of a Grandmother close to our hearts, we are spearheading and coordinating construction of a log cabin home on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota in August. Please send much needed and appreciated donations to the Ancestral Voice office payable to WIHD, The World Institute of Human Development (a 501(c)3 organization), who is cooperating with us in this endeavor. All monies are tax deductible.

In alignment with the Dream of offering Sacred pilgrimages, I am delighted to report that Ancestral Voice is collaborating with Andean Sun & Sea, Inc. for an unforgettable journey to Peru. In October, we will be trekking to the high Andes to study and share Medicine Ways with the people hosting us in their villages. Space is extremely limited. Australia and South Africa are the next destinations. Stay tuned....

Before retrieving the Vision Questers from the Hill, our March Hanblecheya was Blessed by the auspicious birth of a Sardinian burro (purportedly the four legged Jesus rode upon) the morning of the fourth day. Thanks to Yolanda and Raymond-the stewards of Temenos Sanctuary- for the privilege of naming her- Phoenix.

Our March Sacred Hoops gathering was graced by the presence of Lama Somanada Tulku from the Academy of T'ai Chi & Qigong in Beaverton, OR. Drawing upon his ancient lineage, the evening presentation on Tibetan Bon Shamanism was preceded by a full day workshop on Qi Dao (Tibetan Shamanic Qigong). Continued Blessings in his ministry. We await the arrival of Donna Augustine, a MicMac elder from Eastern Canada, who has accepted our invitation to the June Sacred Hoops, circa Solstice time. Ceremonies and women's circles are also planned.

Please be advised that all gatherings- circles, hoops, ceremonies and workshops- are open to everyone (not only students in the Indigenous Lifeways Program). We espouse and embrace an Open Altar. Therefore, all are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate. We look forward to Praying, sharing and Talking Story with you. May you Walk in Balance....


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