Reflections:   July 2000.    3rd Qtr 2000

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We are deeply grateful to Yolanda and Raymond at Temenos Sanctuary, the home of our California Vision Quest, for their supreme generosity, friendship and respectful stewardship of the land and relatives in their care. May their lives and the Sanctuary flourish. Thanks also to Chante Pierce, our Sacred Hoops guest in the month of May, for sharing her wisdom, insights and experiences on the Red Road. Blessings and Prayers of Health, Happiness and Abundance on her journey are extended to her and her family.

The poetry of Rumi has been instrumental in supporting me through the grief of Cecilia's passing. As Sundance season approaches, I happened upon one poem which, interestingly enough, strongly invoked images of this ceremony:

Drumsound rises on the air
its throb, my heart

A voice inside the beat
says, "I know you're tired,
but come. This is the way."

Clearly, regardless of tradition, there is a fundamental unity and commonality of experience to all Sacred Paths and that all lead to the Source. May you Walk in Beauty and Balance.


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