Reflections:   October 1999.    4th Qtr 1999

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April 17, 1953 - February 24, 1999

On the 24th of February 1999, the Dearest, most important person in my life, my Beloved wife Cecilia- my closest friend, confidant, companion, champion and partner who walked hand in hand, step for step with me upon the Sacred Path- crossed over to Spirit in an automobile accident while en route home from a Native reservation.

I commit the remainder of my life to honouring and fulfilling the Dreams we shared together. This includes nurturing and encouraging our child-- this center, which she helped to name and unconditionally support, to flourish. In a sense, she has become Ancestral Voice....

I am deeply grateful for the tremendous outpouring of Prayers, Love and support from family, friends and community on behalf of her and myself in our time of devastation and my continued grief. Profound Love and appreciation is extended to Bernadette, Steven and Isis Howard for their tireless assistance and service during all of the ceremonies. Everlasting Gratitude to Tracy and Mark Trucano and Ginni and Heshy Rosenwasser for including Cecilia in the naming of their newborn daughters- Aubriana Cecilia Rose Trucano and Eleanor Cecilia Rosenwasser. This moves my heart more than words convey.

I am currently compiling reflections for a book I intend to compose honouring my Beloved Cecilia- the absolute Blessing, Joy and Gift she was and continues to be in my life and the lives of those whom she Graced. If you have any remembrances- stories, anecdotes of how she touched, influenced and inspired your life- or even impressions of her, however brief your association or interaction, please send them to me by the end of this year. If writing is not your forte, record them on a cassette and I will transcribe them. Further, please copy and send any photographs and film footage you may have of her (I will reimburse you if necessary). In this way, the legacy of her Humanity, Radiance and Spirit will be known and endure....



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