Reflections:   January 1999.    1st Qtr 1999

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February 1999 marks the commencement of two new Indigenous Lifeways Programs- one on the East coast at the Gaia Healing Center in Mt. Airy, MD and the other on the West coast at Ancestral Voice. Applications must be received no later than January 23, 1999.

As a result of growing interest, Ancestral Voice is seeking volunteers to assist with various ceremonial and administrative responsibilities. Please contact us if you are willing to share the gift of your medicine and to be of service. In addition, we are currently searching for benefactors willing to contribute either land for ceremonial use or fiscal resources to acquire land for this purpose.

Gratitude to the remarkable healer Rev. Delorise Lucas (affectionately known as "Mamma") for her love, support, insight and humor and as well as to her students, Joanne Mied and Terez Toneff for launching our Sacred Hoops series. They Graced us with their experiences and understanding of the Sacred relationship between teacher and student. Blessings to all of you. I am delighted and honoured to announce that our featured guest for the February Sacred Hoops gathering is the gifted curandera and Tibetan Buddhist Camille Martinez. An evening not to be missed!


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