Commonly referred to as a "sweatlodge", the Purification Lodge is an ancient Indigenous Prayer and Healing Ceremony which combines the Sacred Elements - Air, Fire and Water -within the womb of the Earth. The Ceremony is conducted in a Traditional manner.

The following information regarding protocols serves to assist with proper preparation and participation:

General Attire: It is a Traditional Ceremony so arrive to the site appropriately attired: women in ankle length skirts/dresses with a shirt that covers the shoulders, men in long pants/jeans also with a shirt that covers the shoulders.

During Ceremony: The Lodge may be mixed so women wear a short sleeve shirt and an ankle length skirt (or a sarong) with shorts underneath. Men wear shorts inside the Inipi. Natural fibers are best. As a courtesy to other participants (and those with chemical sensitivities), the wearing of colognes and perfumes is unadvised.

Post Ceremony: Following the Lodge there is a feast and clean up of the space, both of which are a part of the Ceremony. Please bring healthy, wholesome foods and beverages to share as well as your own plate/bowl/cup/utensils to preserve Mother Earth. There is never a charge though respectful donations are customary and appreciated.

Women's Cycle: There is no Moon Lodge on the land so women in the midst of their monthly bleeding cycle (or are not 24 hours clear) are kindly requested to refrain from being in the Lodge area - honouring and remaining in their own Sacred Ceremony instead. If interested in the Traditional protocols and practices of the Moon Lodge, these teachings are available.

Children & Pets: As long as proper supervision is available, infants and children are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate. There is no space to accommodate pets so please leave them at home.

Drugs/Alcohol: Neither alcohol nor recreational/designer drugs are permitted on the premises and all participants are to be a minimum of 24 hours clear of such intoxicants and substances.

Duration: All said and done, from arrival to departure is approximately 5-6 hours so please schedule accordingly.

We Lodge whether Rain or shine!

Feel free to contact Phillip with inquiries and for further information.

Location: 4010 Bodega Ave., Petaluma, CA.
For more information, please contact ANCESTRAL VOICE at (415) 897-7991
or E-mail us at:

Prayers, Blessings & Gratitude,

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